Joint Conference

III International Conference on Tourism Dynamics and Trends

X Scientific Meeting SISTUR

will be held in Benevento, at the University of Sannio, November 14th-16th 2018.

The International Conference on Tourism Dynamics and Trends is organized in collaboration with three Universities: Akdeniz University (Turkey), University of Sannio (Italy) , University of Seville (Spain), jointly with the Sistur (Italian Society of Tourism Science).

The Conference will generate a discussion forum in which scientists will offer their vision about the advances and tendencies in the research in tourism, travel and hospitality area. The Conference will bring together academics, master and doctoral students who are studying at tourism, travel and hopitality or related disciplines. Professionals of the tourism, travel and hospitality companies who are keen to know the latest developments in academic literature and would like to share their expertise with the participants of the Conference are also invited to participate.